Kelsey Jenney


More than great hair.

I might look like Ms. Frizzle, but My LAST name is Jenney! 

It's confusing I know, but I am a Jolly Jenney and proud of it!!!  I believe that in this life we are given joy, laughter, and soooo much LOVE!!!  We are made in the Image of the God that spoke us into Existence... AND WE, human beings,  are the Best of the Best of the VERY BEST that God has ever made!  That is TRUE of You and Me... YES YOU!  I love how God continues to reveal HIS GREAT love for each of us in this crazy, mixed up, beautiful, broken life!!!

I have the BEST job in the whole world... I am on Young Life Staff in Michigan!  I have a deep love for ALL things Animals... Especially my THREE, Yes THREE,  SnuggleBears Mason, Milo, and Moose!!!  Yep, I am a Goldendoodle Momma!  I enjoy scarves, black coffee, LOVE walking, and watching all things Real Housewives!!!  I can never have enough Peanut Butter, Hummus, or Guacamole... OR Wine and Vegan Treats if we are getting REAL honest!  AND more than anything else... EXCLAMATION Points are my JAM!!!  I simply type like I TALK!!!

Come back to see God in the messy of life... to find our Lord in the big blessings, but also to live simply the truth of HOW we were CREATED and WHERE we Belong in this Chaotic World!  To be centered Once Again!  A place where honesty, vulnerability, truth, and tears will be woven together!!!  And Lets LAUGH together... Joy is Good for our Souls!!!  Grateful the Lord designed us to LAUGH!!!