I would LOVE to Help You!!!

I would be honored to serve you, your community, and our God by Speaking or doing Program WHERE You Are!!!  

I love, love, LOVE to serve our God and His Kingdom in this way!!!  It is a deep honor for me to share the Lord's Extravagant Grace and the Good News with you, your community, your volunteers, your church, your friends, and your kiddos!   I would LOVE to speak at your Event, Weekend, Retreat, Training, Seminar, or Banquet!!!

By weaving together personal stories, humor, passion, and Scripture, I want Truth to come alive so that people will hear about a God that not only made them, but LOVES them deeply!  I Love to travel and share the TRUTH about who God is, and how freely He offers us Life to the FULL!!!

If you need help with a speaker or program I'd like to serve your Young Life Area, Church Retreat, or Event!  I'm for hire to do both or either!

Stuff Young Life Staff Say...About Kelsey

I first started working with Kelsey Jenney in 2014! I have traveled with Kelsey all over Alaska and have witnessed her speak at more than 10 Alaska Young Life Banquets. She is simply one of the best Banquet speakers I have ever seen. She clearly communicates the love of Jesus and the mission of Young Life. She is passionate. People leave banquets with an expanded love for Jesus, kids, and the ministry of Young Life!

I also have witnessed Kelsey speak at Young Life camp. She speaks with incredible passion and clarity. She connects with leaders and kids in a really wonderful way!
— Brent Cunningham, Southwest Division Senior Vice President
There are so many things we loved about having Kelsey speak. She is this incredible mix of hilarity and deep sincerity...which means she had you rolling in laughter one moment and near tears the next. Kelsey did an amazing job clearly articulating the Gospel, the mission of Young Life, and the need for the community to be involved. We had the best banquet ever in terms of financial support and people wanting to get involved. Over and over again the feedback we are receiving from folks is that you could feel the Spirit moving. That is all we can ask for and Kelsey was an incredible vessel to let the Lord speak!
— Katie Davis, Area Director | Lakewood-Steilacoom, WA
We had Kelsey as a camp speaker and she is the essence of magnetic. Her style of speaking and endearing personality draws students in in a way that is palpable. After camp our students were so impacted by her as a speaker, I thought, man it’d be great to have her out some time to speak at Club. I put it in the back of my mind as a … man club is slowing down, we need something to shake it up…. sort of idea. When that time hit, I called Kelsey, we easily arranged for her to come out, and she was more than willing to work with our specific situation and progression. It brought back to life many relationships and kids that we’d not seen in a while. I am still grateful and impressed by Kelsey as a person and as a gifted sparker.
— Jonathon Gorny, Area Director | Riverside-Brookfield, IL
Kelsey came and spoke at our banquet last fall and did an incredible job. She can do both program and speaking with excellence and had our crowd laughing and engaged the entire time. She’s a home run and I would highly recommend Kelsey.
— -Matt DeHoog, Area Director | Northeast Grand Rapids, MI
Kelsey is a uniquely gifted woman. Even among Young Life staff, she stands apart in her ability to capture people’s attention with hilarious storytelling. I have seen those “back corner” kids physically move forward throughout a week of camp. Beyond her charisma and energy, Kelsey passionately loves our Lord and conveys his love for us in a masterful way. For the past eight years Kelsey has been my first call for summer assignments and weekend camps.
— Jay Lindell, Sr. Area Director | Holland, MI
Kelsey Jenney is one of a kind!
After hearing Kelsey speak for only minutes you feel as if you’ve known her for years and you instantly care about the words coming out of her mouth. Her goofy and genuine humanity connects with all ages, genders, races and cultures in a captivating way. While speaking, almost everyone in the room has tear filled eyes - at times from laughter and other times from striking an emotional chord so deep you didn’t know existed. I think people respond so well to Kelsey speaking because they truly believe that she cares about them, individually, and that she passionately believes what she is telling them. Her hilarious and embarrassing stories break down walls and help you resonate with her stories that always lead to The Story. After hearing Kelsey speak dozens of times at middle school camp, high school camp, college camp, banquets and one on one with her middle school friends I am more and more confident that she was created to do this: to share the good news by simply being herself.
— Erin Iafrate, Staff Associate | Eastern Ottawa, MI

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