I Dream At Home Depot!!!

This morning I went to Home Depot.  I had to buy mulch.  Want to know a secret... I like Home Depot.  

Knowing me, it is funny I like going there, but I do.  I like the way it smells, enjoy the way it is set-up, new doors next to kitchens next to paint swatches, and I love how everyone wears the orange aprons with their handwritten name in Sharpie!  Great touch Home Depot!  Yep, I'm a fan.

When I am in Home Depot I dream about a lot of things.  What my yard COULD look like.  If I replaced every single light fixture in the house, what a difference it would make.  I pretend I know how to remodel bathrooms, bolt things to walls, and I think pretty sincerely about buying a riding lawnmower.  Seriously, how cool would that be?!

In Home Depot, I feel like I can do anything.  And I dream.  Silly dreams, HGTV dreams, but dreams!  I like Home Depot dreams!

Today wandering the aisles of Home Depot, and dreaming, it struck me... Literally, a woman struck me!  Haha, with some sort of 2 x 4 piece of construction lumber!  (I just said 2 x 4 because it sounds home construction "savvy" of me!)

Out of a daze I said, "Owwww!"

She stammered, "So Sorry, So very Sorry!  I didn't see you."  

(Which I always think is funny with my hair!  Didn't see me?  Haha!)

I laughed and told her I wasn't really paying attention... I was busy dreaming... and she said she had no business carrying that piece of wood with her through the store!  We laughed about the size of the carts, and how she couldn't find her husband. 

"Good Luck," I said.  She walked away carting the wood behind her.

I stood there, and watched her.  

It is hard to carry things.  

Through this life we are each carrying so much.  The weight of what we have gone through.  The pressure.  Expectations.  The hopes of what will be, and the things we dream we could change.  We are each carrying 2 x 4's around and hoping not to knock into one another.  Hoping no one will notice all that we have with us... to make it out alive and not hurt anyone in the process.... sounds like sweet victory most days.

I like Home Depot because I dream about all the things I would change, fix, make better... out of the store I realize I don't actually know how to do any of that stuff.  BUT when I am walking those aisles installing a ceiling fan doesn't look SO challenging!?

Isn't that the same with life?  If I had it my way, If people would just listen, IF I could make this work, If I could erase what I said... If statements that echo in our heart and mind.  If I could control it.  IF I was in charge.  If statements, or How, When, Why questions.

My hope today is to give my statements and questions to Jesus.  To give my dreams, my hopes, my deepest desires to the one that is DESIGNED to carry them.  I want to give to God ALL that I hope... KNOWING He is in the business of fixing.  He is the ONE who knows how to change hurt to healing.  Pain to comfort.  Sorrow to joy.  He is the ONE who knows how to carry all these things.

Today, give me Jesus.

Give me aisles of dreams... the vision of what I want, pray for, and desire... the nuts, bolts, and 2 x 4's, but with ALL those dreams, situations, and decisions... Give me Jesus.  Give me Jesus to remind me WHO I am.  Give me Jesus to be there when it all crumbles, when I don't know how to make it work, and give me Jesus when it seems to sing in harmony!!!  In it ALL, through it all... I want Jesus!

AND the best news is... He does!  He will carry it.  He is right there with us.  Waiting, arms outstretched to hold our dreams and our burdens.  I love that about our God!!!  He wants to do the heavy lifting.

"Blessed be the Lord
    who carries our heavy loads every day,
    the True God who is our salvation."  Psalm 68:19

Today, give Jesus what you are carrying.  Every single day let Jesus hold your hopes, dreams, fears, and disappointments.  HE is in the business of fixing, and He will carry it all for YOU!!!

I imagine his orange apron would say, "Jesus, Master-Fixer!!!"