I'm Not Receiving Flowers Tomorrow!!!

I have had many moments to think about the fact that tomorrow marks a day for people in relationships.  It is a day to go to dinner, to drink fancy drinks that clink together as you say, "To Us!"  (Or at least in my imagination that is what people say to one another!)  A day to receive candy, cards, flowers, and other sweet sentiments that say, "I love you!"  My personal favorite is the stuffed animals that hold the tiny balloons... there is something about tiny balloons that I find extra cute!

I remember one special Valentine's Day was with my 7th Grade boyfriend.  John, was the new love of my life and we had been going out for about a week!  Perfect timing, I had a Valentine!  I couldn't sleep the night before knowing what happens on Valentine's Day at school when you have a boyfriend... GIFTS and CANDYGRAMS.  I met John at my locker that morning, and was given a few Valentine gifts, and then in each class waited to see if I would be given a CandyGram.  The joy on my face... Oh my goodness if I could have seen what I looked like that day!  And I carried a red, polka dot, stuffed bear around all day with such pride and excitement knowing people would really SEE I had a Valentine!  I was practically advertising it, and I loved that!  I am someone to someone today!  We all want that feeling.  To know that there is someone who declares WE are special.  And especially on February 14th says, "Be Mine!" 

While this year feels like most years...  The absence of that clinking, the absence of tiny balloon holding animals, and the absence of flowers arriving at the door I am more certain of one thing.  I do not feel that absence as I look to tomorrow.  Not because I have some magical fix, or stopped caring I was single.  But for those who are sitting in the same... Reservation for One on this Valentine's Day... would you believe there is someone who thinks you are someone to them!  He whispers each day to you and me, "Be Mine!"

On a special day, where you might dwell on the fact that flowers are not arriving on your door step, YOU are more treasured than you could EVER KNOW!  There is someone that sweetly whispers each day, "I LOVE YOU!"  Who stands and declares every morning that you are His... Who wants to fill the absence with incredible belonging.  I mean we are so loved that He has made thousands of different flowers for us to gaze upon... (now obviously if you live in the MidWest or East those flowers are under snow, BUT can be found at your local grocery store because they are not growing in what my car said was -4 outside today!!!)  Haha, but our God is so creative with even that... How much detail He put into designing different types of flowers for us to enjoy.  If the God of the Universe went to all that trouble... My goodness, we are soooo loved!

On a day where you might feel excluded or more alone than other days... where the absence is all to familiar for you... lets rewrite how we celebrate Valentine's Day!  PLEASE know you are INCLUDED and INVITED by the God of the Universe!  AND here is the wonderful way God lets us participate in LOVE on this holiday... True, we might not have a Specific SIGNIFICANT other BUT my goodness you have significant OTHERS all around YOU!  Make a list... Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Neighbors.  Lets participate in love in a passion filled, abounding way on Valentine's Day!  Reach out to the widow next door, the dearest friends you have, parents who have stood by you, college roommates you haven't seen in months or years, the sister or brother that has loved you through ALL your mess!  I mean seriously... God STILL lets us participate in this holiday, but we get to be creative with HOW we give our love away!  

Lets LOVE extravagantly BECAUSE we are loved extravagantly!  By the clinking of our glasses declare on Valentine's Day, "Here's to Us being LOVE in the World!"  Loving others in this broken, junky, beautiful world also reminds us how dearly loved we truly are!  Loved in a courageous, never ending, unconditional, special, bold, and unmatched way!  We ARE Loved!  And I will spend my whole life trying to understand this mysterious love that heals, restores, and makes me whole!

Say goodbye to the absence, and welcome the belonging!  Then lets give our love away to those around us!!!

The sentiments tomorrow are sweet, and even though I will not be receiving flowers, I am loved because God simply says it is so!!!  Who wouldn't want to celebrate a day where we rejoice in being loved!  Soooo Reservation for One Friends... Lets love passionately, with extravagant love, because He First has LOVED Us!  Because we Belong to Him!

BELIEVE You are Loved Today... Tiny balloon animal in hand or not, and YOU have love to give away!!!