My People Monday... Mason and Milo!!!

Now I know it is My People Monday, but I have two snuggle bear Goldendoodle Dogs... Mason and Milo!

They are not TECHNICALLY people, but to me, they count!  

Here is what I want you to know about these two wonky, crazy puppies!

After driving to Nashville with these two Doodle Dogs this past week, I am reminded how funny they are!  Mason stresses out so much he rides on the console in between the two front seats, and leans on people in the passenger seat LIKE this (picture below)!!!  Yep, the WHOLE way!  AND keep in mind he is 90 pounds of dog!  AND Milo wants to ride in the front seat... Yes, on your lap... I swear that dog would try to drive if he could figure it out.  He will make his way to the front seat almost every hour just to check on things... Especially if you drive over the rumble strips on the freeway!!!  He hates those!

Uncle Bryce riding in the car with Mason!!!

Uncle Bryce riding in the car with Mason!!!

I love these two Pups, and quite frankly if you know me even a little bit, you know these two are incredibly important to me! 

Mason was given to me as a birthday gift from my parents... Cheri, one of my dearest friends from Grosse Pointe, found him in the Detroit Free Press!  I was volunteering at an Alzheimers Casino Day so my mom and one of her best friends, Sally, went to pick him up.  I left my house that morning NOT a Dog Mom... AND walked back in that night as one!  

Mason!  I'm sure I was asking him if he wants to go to the Puppy Park!!!

Mason!  I'm sure I was asking him if he wants to go to the Puppy Park!!!

Milo was searched for by myself and one of my other dearest friends, who I also met in GP, Mary Caitlin!  I swear it took me three hours to pick out Milo... MC had to devise a discard pile for the puppies because we were there so long!  Haha. She was VERY helpful!  Milo is Mason's security blanket... especially when I am gone!  Mason has always been a pretty anxious pup, but having Milo around has made a BIG difference!  They are besties!!!

Even though they are 7 1/2 and 6 1/2 now, I can't quite imagine my life being as full without these two hilarious Doodle Dogs!


He LOVES to sleep on the couch!!!  Sweety Boy Milo!!!

He LOVES to sleep on the couch!!!  Sweety Boy Milo!!!

Here are the MOST frequently asked Questions I get about them...

1. Do they sleep in bed with you? Yes, they sleep in my bed with me... Judge all you want, I actually stay MUCH warmer!  And they have figured out very easily how to sleep politely!  Haha!

2. Do they always have to follow you everywhere? Yep, they pretty much follow me everywhere... unless there is a BABY in the house or really any kid!  They LOVE being Dog Babysitters!

3. Do you talk to them out loud? Yes, sometimes... Okay, I talk to them ALL the time!  I'm FAIRLY certain that they know a little bit of what I am saying!  Trust me... they are crazy smart!

4. Are you afraid when you walk them? There are times I have to let the leash go... because YES they are stronger than me!  (Sidenote: When walking them I frequently pass people that say, "Who's walking WHO?"  I want to reply with "I AM... I am the HUMAN!"  Haha, but my typical response is, "depends on the day!")

5. Why do you look alike?  Haha, I never know how to answer this except to say I guess that is a good thing because I am there Dog Momma!!!  AND I love their wild and crazy hair!

Mason is quiet, sweet, has the BIGGEST heart of any dog I know, and loves like the gentle giant he is!  Milo on the other hand is loud, needy, hilarious, and ALWAYS demands what he wants!  Mason is in tune with people and situations, while Milo brings life to the party with his larger than life personality and bark!

They compliment one another.  They could not be more different.  They are best friends... Milo holds Mason's tail when they are running around the house, at the groomer, or the dog park.  It is one of my favorite things about them!  My groomer always tells me she has never seen two more attached dogs, and I absolutely LOVE hearing that!  (yep, sometimes I cry about how much I LOVE that.  haha, proud dog mom!)

Mason and Milo have taught me many things... I know more and more what love looks like because of these two... That might sound funny, but when I walk through the door they are there!  When I cry Mason puts his head on my lap and snuggles right into me.  Milo has this sweet way of pushing himself anywhere he wants to be... I love that about him!  He does not worry what anyone else thinks, he just barks what he needs... unedited!  They are attentive to each person that enters through our door, or leaves our house.  They defend, they protect... now granted sometimes against squirrels, but still their giant hearts are FOR me!  Mason and Milo love in a way that does not hold grudges.  They are not obsessed with finding the person that everyone thinks has it all together.  Instead, they simply love.  With their four giant paws, their big hearts, and their furry tails, which quickly become weapons at the sight of people,  they are always eager and excited to encounter others.    

They have taught me loyalty... My neighbors have told me they sit and stare out of the window in the front of our house together when we are gone, and you will oftentimes find Milo sleeping on my bed looking out the window.  They are incredibly loyal.  I think somewhere deep inside they know I am coming back.  If they could talk they would say to one another,"We will wait for her when she is gone, miss her, and go crazy when she comes home!"  They are so very loyal to the people they love, but especially to me!  They are devoted and consistent.  Their loyalty goes far beyond the way they are treated or how they feel... Mason and Milo are genuine in their response and sweetly committed to their people!

These two doodles have taught me about being present.  Walking, sleeping, snuggles... they live for each moment as it comes!  See Mason and Milo are not in charge of much, and they trust deeply.  Their option in life is to be present.  I am horrible at this, and I envy that about them.  At the dog park they are not worried about dinner, stressed about their hair cut, or angry because they did not catch that tennis ball on the 19th throw.  They are present in the moments they find themselves, and I LOVE that!  It has taught me about being present, noticing, and in moments where it can feel difficult I practice sitting and waiting... just like those two.  (they have mastered the Sit, but working on the Wait command!)

Mason and Milo in front of their tree!!!  Yep, we have a dog tree especially for them!!!

Mason and Milo in front of their tree!!!  Yep, we have a dog tree especially for them!!!

I know in their final days my heart will ache, and I will wish we would have had more time!  But I love these two gentle giants.  I am forever grateful for the way they have brought joy and humor into my life.

Those big, brown eyes that reassure me, and anyone they meet, we are loved exactly as we are, they will be loyal to us forever, and they will be present every single day!  Little lessons from my friends with four paws!

I am grateful God decided to make Dogs!

I am deeply grateful for my Massy and Miiizy!!!